I’m David Couet, a Lead Product Designer that helps teams create value for users and build value for the organization.

Process and Presence

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✔︎ User Needs & Site Objectives


✔︎ Functional Specs & Content Requirements


✔︎ Interaction Design & Information Architecture


✔︎ Information Design: Navigation & Interface


✔︎ Visual Design


Ideally, I’m involved every step of the way as a member of a product team. 

Typically, I’ve been a shared resource on a larger Digital team, pulled in to focus 100% on the two “Map...” and “Sculpt...” milestones and still having the necessary collaborative check-ins for the others. 

Occasionally, I pinch-hit to bridge gaps for anything needed.

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Who I am

I grew up in a small mid-western town and loved it. From jobs at the local grocery store and hobby farms, I worked hard to pay for my passionate love of BMX bikes and activities. If I was indoors I was listening to music while sketching and drawing. I also fell in love with learning BASIC programming and elected for a typing class so I could code faster. 

Fast forward through five years in the U.S. Navy and a couple years of community college and a tech program, and I landed in the newly forming interactive new media industry; it was heaven.

From design to development, I’ve worn a number of hats in the digital space, and discovered that crafting the user experience was my sweet spot. It’s been my focus for the last ten years and I truly thrive on working with business partners and users of their systems to synthesize and deliver on a vision that meets requirements, exceeds expectations, and fulfills user’s needs. 

TL;DR: Couet loves the user experience “problem,” works hard, and delivers results.

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